• Module Level Rapid Shutdown
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How to satisfy the NEC2017 690.12 about rapid shutdown?

The 2017 National Electric Code (NEC) requires the solar PV installations on or in buildings to have a module level rapid shutdown function in case of emergency.

And the initiation device(s) shall initiate the rapid shutdown function of the PV system.
The device “off” position shall indicate that the rapid shutdown function has been initiated for all PV systems connected to that device. An initiation device(s) shall be located at a readily accessible location outside the building.

The solar installers and owners need a reliable and durable RSD solution can keep function during the whole PV panels' decades lifetime, a simply RSD solution with emergency button switch as one of the initiation devices.

That is the RSD solution we are offering can work with all solar modules and inverters.

BFS-11 is a UL1741 listed module level rapid shutdown device for solar building fire safety, inherently compliant with NEC 2014, NEC2017 690.12 requirements.

The emergency button switch is required to initiate the rapid shutdown function, after the button switch connected with BFS-11 devices by signal cables.

This communication type is the most reliable one, ensure the PV system has RSD function in decades and the panel can be switched off to a safe voltage level in case of emergency at the lowest power consumption.

How the solution works?

Each BFS-11 device operates two solar modules, the modules in series go to inverter sting as usual. The only difference is the communication signaling cables connect the BFS-11 in series and go to the button switch complete the RSD solution.

Pure, reliable and cost-efficiency MLRSD solution:

*Automatic shutdown the panels when there is a temperature in the area higher than 85°C detected.

*Automatic shutdown the panels when the power supply loss in the button switch box.

*The fireman and people can manual the button switch to shutdown the panels when there is an emergency.